Looking to add a unique, contemporary feel to your bathroom? In the market for a new, luxury shower door?

Introducing The Gulf Series™

This line of shower enclosures may be just what you’re looking for to create your dream bathroom. The Duet Bypass, EuroGlide, DuoGlide and Semi-Frameless Bypass features a state-of-the art design with frameless sliding doors and an elegant header and roller system. These one-of-a-kind enclosure options are a beautiful addition to any shower.

The Duet Bypass provides a uniquely designed header system that enables both doors to slide seamlessly.

The EuroGlide has a distinctive, large roller and elegant rod design. This bypass has one fixed panel and one slider.

The DuoGlide is sleek and clean, showing almost no hardware when installed in your shower. This enclosure has a slightly smaller header, but still provides the look of elegance and clarity.

The Semi-Frameless Bypass provides a virtually frameless bypass experience. Each door has no frame and sits inside a sleek and polished frame.

Diamon-Fusion® Protective Coating

State-of-the-art shower doors from Beverly GlassWith every shower enclosure we offer a special protective coating called Diamon-Fusion®. It is an optically clear, protective coating that transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing, hydrophobic surface. By chemically bonding with the silica in glass, Diamon-Fusion® fills in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the surface creating an ultra-barrier resistant to staining, etching and corrosion.

One Year Comprehensive Warranty

If anything occurs with your shower that is the responsibility of Beverly Glass Company, we will happily come out and take care of it for you at no extra charge.

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