Same mirror, fabulous new look.

Introducing Mirror Mate®

Beverly Glass Company is happy to announce we are now selling the amazing mirror frames made by Mirror Mate®! Mirror Mate® works with any mirror in any space, and brings a finished new look to your home!

The process is simple: When Beverly Glass measures your space for your mirror, we will also measure for your frame! Then, you will have a new mirror and frame all in the same installation visit.

Mirror Mate® offers over 50 different styles to choose from, including traditional, contemporary and industrial finishes. Want to learn more about this amazing new addition? Keep reading!

How It Works

Mirror Mate Before and After - Now Available at Beverly Glass

Mirror Mate® frames attach directly to your mirror, so you do not need any additional space around your mirror, and will work even if your mirror sits upon a backsplash! Mirrors do not come in standard sizes, so every Mirror Mate® frame is custom made.


Does your mirror have clips or a j-channel frame? Mirror Mate® custom frames fit right over your clips or channel to create a  seamless finish. The Mirror Mate® custom frames also extend out about 5/8″ on the edge of your mirror to conceal the edge and lay flush against the wall.

Mirror Mate® custom frames

First, your Beverly Glass technician will measure for your mirror frame while measuring for your actual mirror. Then, you chose which frame you want to go with. Modern? Contemporary? Rustic? There are so many to choose from! Second, Beverly Glass orders your frame and assembles it when it arrives at our shop. Then, when we are ready to install your mirror, we will install your frame! It’s that easy!

Mirror Frame Selection - Beverly Glass


Mirror Mate® Guarantee

Mirror Mate® not only has incredible frames and styles to choose from, they have incredible customer service! They offer a 5-Year Warranty and ensure the frame will not warp or come off of your mirror. Also, the finish will last for years if cared for correctly using their simple instructions.


Contact us today to get started with a Mirror Mate® Frame!

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