About Beverly Glass

Beverly Glass  - Residential Glass Installation

Who We Are

Since 1961, Beverly Glass Company has been the North Shore’s chief shower door and glass installation company. Whether you’re looking for a new luxury shower enclosure, replacement glass for windows, tabletops and more, Beverly Glass Company can help make your renovation dreams come true.

Our highly skilled technicians and office staff are ready to walk you through every step of the process. We pride ourselves on being dependable and affordable.

Expert Measurement Leads to Perfect Fit

It All Starts with a Measurement

Are you ready to start the journey to a new shower enclosure? What about a new tabletop for your coffee table? And it looks like it is time to replace those foggy windows with new glass! Beverly Glass is here to help!

Every new job starts with a complimentary measurement and a quote within 1-2 business days. From there, Beverly Glass works hard to better understand your project and fine tune every detail before moving forward. We are here to answer any and every question you have on the road to your installation.

Tom Trudel - Owner, Beverly Glass Company

Our Faithful Leader – Tom Trudel

Tom Trudel became owner of Beverly Glass 20 years after its founding in 1961. He is a lifelong resident of the North Shore, born and raised in Ipswich, MA. Tom has a strong love for sports, and is active in golf, basketball, and racquetball. He also enjoys the ocean and is a boat owner.

Aside from sports and boats, Tom’s true passion is giving back. He is always looking for ways to help people in need, whether it’s serving dinners, organizing golf tournaments and fundraisers or donating to important organizations.

Tom is a member of the Beverly Chamber of Commerce, once having serverd as president. Tom is also a member of the Massachusetts Glass Dealers Association, the National Glass Association, and the Beverly Rotary Club.