Beverly Glass carries the Harvey Industries and Coastal Windows manufacturing lines. We offer double-hung vinyl replacement storm and screen windows that can fit both standard and custom-sized enclosures and which can have wooden or aluminum frames.

Retractable Window Screens:
3 Screens in One
American homeowners are discovering what their Europeans  counterparts have known for a long time: retractable window screens are a great way to:

  • Keep bugs and insects out
  • Let the sun shine in without causing ultraviolet damage to carpeting, walls and furniture
  • Prevent solar glare
  • Keep a room shady or dark when this is desired
  • Maintain room temperature

Equipped with an insect screen, solar screen and blackout screen, retractable windows screens will give you a new appreciation for your windows and the great outdoors. They are great for gazebos and porches and are self-cleaning and low maintenance.

Screen Repairs
We provide the following repair services:

  • Glaze, re-glazing and puttying
  • Repairing existing screens
  • Fabricating new screens
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