Bath Enclosure

Steam Rooms

Imagine relaxing in your own steam room surrounded by a lovely clear glass enclosure! Beverly Glass can help you attain the perfect state of relaxation with the addition of a steam room. A steam room is a completely enclosed shower with a glass vent to hold steam and release it while showering. Steam shower doors must be constructed with tempered safety glass and be custom built for a steam tight seal. Colors and hardware finishes are the same as for shower doors. We also can custom cut glass around objects, such as a steam room bench. Don’t you already feel more relaxed?


A sophisticated showcase for a luxurious bathroom.
Let Beverly Glass add class and sophistication to your bathroom with the installation of a frameless shower door. A frameless shower door will enhance the beauty of fine tile and bathroom fixtures, improving the overall look of either a traditional or contemporary bathroom design. It is the ideal centerpiece for discerning homeowners who want to create the bathroom of their dreams.

Custom design.
A smart choice for adding value.
Using the finest quality glass and hardware, Beverly Glass can fabricate custom designed frameless glass shower doors for showers, bathtubs and steam rooms of all shapes and sizes. We use 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch tempered and polished safety glass. We can add panels, sidelights and step up returns for seat cutouts. You can also add more flair with etched custom designs in a multitude of colors. Not only will a frameless shower door look great, but it will add value to your bathroom and home. Additionally, frameless shower doors typically last longer than framed doors because of added quality and durability. Glass will outlast metal any day of the week!

Tips for designing a frameless shower door.
When designing your door, think about these choices:

  1. Location of the door
  2. Location of the shower door hinges since frameless doors swing in and out
  3. The height of the enclosure
  4. The location and finishes of other fixtures like faucets and towel bars
  5. The type of handle you want

Simple elegance
is the key to choosing hardware.
Simplicity is the key to selecting hardware that nicely complements the overall design and look of your bathroom and frameless shower door. Beverly Glass carries a wide variety of brass hardware that will help emphasize the beauty of the glass, tiles and other bath fixtures. Our hardware selection comes in a full array of colors to match any décor including brushed nickel, antique brass, polished brass and chrome hardware. We also stock an assortment of handle hinges and pivots.

An easy self-cleaning solution.
No mold! No streaks! No water stains! With the introduction of a new self-cleaning technology, cleaning frameless showers is painless. Streaks and soap scum are gone instantly. Frameless shower doors don’t have crevices to collect soap and debris and we use mildew-resistance caulking during installation. Ask one of us to demonstrate how this innovative process works.

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