Seal your Portable Air Conditioner with a Custom Insert

Let’s face it- portable air conditioners are awkward. I have spent more time trying to fill in the empty spaces around the hose(s) with found objects in my house than I care to admit and I’ve never been successful in keeping the bugs out. I’m clearly not alone in my frustration given the number of calls I take each week from customers looking for a solution. Well, they’ve come to the right place!

Simply bring in a screen from the window you’ll place your hose in as well as the fitting at the end of the hose. We’ll make you a new deadlite made of aluminum and Lexan (more durable than plexiglass) using your screen as a template. You tell us where you want the hose to be positioned and we’ll make a cutout in the Lexan to attach your fitting into.

Turnaround time for a custom made portable a/c insert is typically less than a week and cost between $75 and $100 for an average sized window.