Seal your Portable Air Conditioner with a Custom Insert

Let’s face it- portable air conditioners are awkward. I have spent more time trying to fill in the empty spaces around the hose(s) with found objects in my house than I care to admit and I’ve never been successful in keeping the bugs out. I’m clearly not alone in my frustration given the number of calls I take each week from customers looking for a solution. Well, they’ve come to the right place!

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Storm Windows – Beat the Rush!

Let’s talk about storm windows. I know they’re not terribly exciting but you wouldn’t know that come fall when people, preparing their homes for cooler months, bring them in by the armload for repair or replacement. It can be overwhelming!

We can replace the glass, repair the frames or, even, make you a new storm using your frame or what’s left of your frame as a template.
I can tell you one surefire way to increase turnaround time. Bring your windows in now before everybody else does! You’ll likely get your order back in half the time if you plan ahead.

I know it’s hard to think about things like this when all you want to do is float around in your pool or hit the beach but let’s face it- those leaves that’ll be covering your lawn in a couple of month aren’t going to rake themselves. Pace yourselves! Get your storms in now and you’ll have them back before you can say “cider donut”.

Bath Enclosure

Advice on Glass Shower and Tub Enclosures

Many, many years ago I rented an apartment that had one of those old glass sliders on the tub. Once a week I’d take a sponge or steel wool and the kinds of cleaners you should only use in a very well-ventilated area and I’d go to town. I was sure that if I just put in enough elbow grease I’d surely get rid of those white streaks on the glass- the ones that always came back as soon as the glass dried. I was clearly dealing with a soap scum issue of global proportions. I switched to a gentler soap. I (I should be ashamed of myself) started cleaning with liquid toilet bowl cleaner. In the end, I moved out. I found a nice new place and purchased myself a nice new shower curtain.

Every once in a while I think about that slider and cringe because I know something now that I didn’t know then. That wasn’t soap scum. It wasn’t lime buildup or some other “deposit” I could scrub away.

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